How does The Shattered Ceiling work?

The Shattered Ceiling is an a-la-carte rental service for all of your suit needs. We do not require a subscription to rent our items. Instead, we offer rentals for a 1 week period to support one-off interviews, presentations, conferences, and career fairs that our customers may have.

How long can I keep my item for?

You can keep your item for 1 week (7 days).

Should I wash my items before sending them back?

Nope! Just place your worn item in the shipping bag provided, place the shipping label on it and drop it off at USPS. Thats it!

Can I alter, hem or tailor my items?

We ask that you please do not alter your rental items in any capacity.

What if I damage an item?

No problem! Just ship the item back in the provided bag. We will get it fixed before the next renter.